Registering as a Pilot

Please read the rules:

To qualify to become a pilot for IranAirVirtual you, are required to meet the following minimums

  • Have a functioning installation of the following flight simulators:
      Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9)
      Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX)
      X-Plane 10
  • Retain a reasonable level of written and spoken English.
  • You are expected to be familiar with the basics of aviation including; radio communication, IFR navigation, reading and understanding charts, maps and other aviation documents). Assistance and learnings  are available from our staff  as well as our Forums.
  • Having an stable internet connection for flying
  • You have to first book a flight from schedule then fly with our Flight Tracker(SmartCARS) or simply flying online on VATSIM and reporting your flight.
  • You have to use the specified aircraft from the schedule or one similar to it (See Allowed Aircrafts)
  • You may fly on IVAO , VATSIM or Offline
  • When Flying Online , You should use the schedule flight number as the callsign.
  • If  you are flying you should use our Flight Tracker(SmartCARS).
  • Fly and Reporting procedure is available at the forum. 
  • You have to be able to follow a standard IFR route (route from schedule or your own standard route).
  • Your flights have to be flown with real world weather conditions and real time
  • Landing Rates higher than -400v/s are not acceptable and your flight will be rejected
    • 1) vNew Pilot Min Hours (0)
    • 2) vFirst Officer Min Hours (1)
    • 3) vCaptain Min Hours (150)
    • 4) vSenior Captain Min Hours (300)
    • 5) vFlight Instructor Min Hours (600)
    • 6) vSenior Flight Instructor Min Hours (1200)
  • New registered pilots have to send a flight report within 15 days since the registration in order to become a "first officer" other wise they will be retired
  • First officers have to send a flight report at least every 45 days other wise they will be retired
  • Captains and Instructors have to send a flight report at least every 60 days other wise they will be retired
  • a retired member should contact a staff member in order to activate his/her account
    • You can get support if you need via our Forum , Team Speak or contacting via E-mail
    • You should be able to Login to Forum with crew website info , if you are not able to you must register at the forum
    • Many of your questions can be answered by merely reading the forums regularly
  • monthly top 3 pilots will receive a reward from our staff
  • the reward will be announced for each month.
  • Members who have been chosen  to be rewarded must provide required info (depending on rewards) in order to receive their rewards 
    • You may transfer your flight hours from other virtual airlines
    • In order to do so , you have to contact one of our staff and providing a valid Link (URL) to your hours , you must provide login information if necessary
    • Only transfers from valid and reliable virtual airlines
    • IAV staff have the authority to reject or approve a request .
    • Only Requests for valid virtual airlines will be accepted

    Contact for registration :

    By registering you are accepting our rules and regulations